Everything you need, including mobile-optimized responsive design, social media integration, e-commerce platforms, search engine optimization and a whole lot of style.



Our production team works with you to produce attention grabbing social-media ready promos, real estate videos, documentaries and more!



This is the age of content marketing. WordBird makes sure your online messaging is effective, engaging, visible, and and results driven.


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We've increased our clients' fan engagement by up to 1000%
in just a matter of months. 

(Yes, you read that right - a thousand percent!)


If we’re working with you, it means we like you. And we want others to like you, too. But a strong social media strategy doesn't just mean getting likes and follows. It means keeping your network engaged. Social media should be an ongoing conversation. We're all about integrating platforms, scheduling posts, tracking popular content and creating campaigns that suit your brand, budget and goals. Social media doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming when you've got a solid strategy backing you.


Photos & Design

We shoot original on-site photography and offer photo editing and graphic design. It's important. Because images make us feel things. They help people connect. And when you have a message, you need to connect. 

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Blogging and copywriting


We Love words. You might say we're obsessed. We love using words in cross-platform campaigns, blogs, press releases, web-copy, print materials and more. Creating good content is all about knowing your objective, pinpointing your message, and profiling your audience. Our content specialists are expert interviewers, who ask the right questions to get to the heart of your idea, product, or service. Then our copywriters dissect and distill your message, reconstructing it into crisp copy that engages your target audience, and gets results.  Click here to learn more about our business and grant writing.

We do a lot of guest blogging. Check out some posts :

And feel free to drop by our Creative Director's personal site to check out magazine features and more.


Relax. We're here to get rid of stress, and get results.

Think of us as mama-birds.

While your project develops, we keep it warm and help it take form until it's ready to hatch. We brainstorm like ninjas, set goals, track deadlines, set polite fires under partner's butts when necessary, and get the job done. We're meticulous, bold, and have a ridiculously awesome reputation.

Our project managers work with you, and our creative and technical teams, to form a plan that suits your brand, budget, and schedule.


WordBird Media provides content development, copywriting, copyediting, grant writing, business writing, project management, web design, graphic design, videography, video editing, and photography services in Bancroft, North Hastings, Ontario