We are a boutique creative agency located in beautiful Hastings County.

We are a small boutique creative agency, which means instead of focusing on volume, we focus on quality, creativity, and connection. We specialize in Video Production and Editing, Responsive Web-Design, E-commerce Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Brand Development, Graphic Design, and Blogging and Copywriting


We are creators.

Strategic ones.

And how.

Click here to send Michelle Annette a Message

Click here to send Michelle Annette a Message

Michelle Annette Tremblay, Creative Director

WordBird Media was founded by the original WordBird herself, our talented and driven Creative Director, Michelle Annette. With a post-secondary background in Creative Writing and Fine Arts, and a professional background in journalism, teaching, marketing, photography, graphic design, economic development and project management, Michelle leads the WordBird Media team with a business-savvy creative eye. You can read Michelle's feature articles in several Canadian magazines and newspapers, or check out her personal writing website at michelleaNNETTETREMBLAY.CA


Click here to send Sean a message

Click here to send Sean a message

Sean Buk, Video & Technical Manager

We know we're lucky to have Sean heading up WordBird's technical department. With a post secondary background in Film and Computing Sciences, and a professional background in IT, film production, and graphic design, Sean is an out-of-the-box thinker who can solve pretty much any technical problem. When he's not making magic happen at WordBird, Sean produces darkly comical films in North Hastings, Ontario.


Sam - 3.jpg

SAM RIEDL, production assistant and apprentice

The youngest member of the WordBird Flock, Sam assists with video productions, and is apprenticing in web design, graphic design, photography, and social media marketing. When he's not being a kick-ass production assistant, Sam listens to loud music and speaks passionately about everything under the sun.



WordBird Media is fortunate to have a team of talented content developers in our flock, including seasoned copywriters, videographers, designers, social media experts, and marketing and media specialists. Our head office is located in beautiful North Hastings, Ontario, however, some members of our team work from satellite offices in major urban centres across Canada.

Passionate, talented, and interested in joining the flock? Introduce yourself and send your CV to us here.