Who we are, and what we do

We are a boutique creative agency, located in Bancroft Ontario, specializing in marketing strategies, campaigns, and digital content. We develop brand strategies, produce video, design ad campaigns and technical documents, write blogs, and create websites.

We’ve worked with and maintain excellent relationships with all the major players throughout the region (including Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization, Bay of Quinte Tourism, Hastings County, the Algonquin Nation, various municipalities, business associations, non-profits, and small to mid-sized businesses).


Our creative director, Michelle Annette Tremblay, is highly active in the business, tourism and cultural communities throughout Hastings County. She sits on the Hastings County Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Board, is the marketing director of the local arts centre, the digital editor of Country Roads Magazine, teaches Digital Media at Loyalist College, and has various volunteer and leadership roles. She is an expert communicator and collaborator, and is just as comfortable liaising with government agencies and politicians as she is connecting with managers, suppliers and consumers. Michelle develops content across various mediums: graphic design, photography, web design, copywriting, technical writing and feature writing.

Our video and technical manager, Sean Buk, studied film at the University of Alberta, and Vancouver Film School. Early on in his career he won a prestigious screenwriting award, and then graduated into producing and editing. With WordBird Media, Sean has shot and edited dozens of video projects, all of which have had excellent online engagement, with two going on to film festivals. Michelle and Sean produce video as a team, with Michelle directing and interacting with clients and subjects, and Sean operating the equipment, producing the soundtrack, and editing the final product.

Michelle and Sean lead the WordBird team with an emphasis on authenticity, story, and inspiration.

Our Work

At the end of the day, content needs to make an impact.

Whether we’re designing websites, technical documents, or social media campaigns, our focus is always on the objective and the audience. We work with your team to identify exactly what your goal is, what your message is, and how best to package that message to make an impact on your audience.

Here are some examples of our work:

Social Media Graphics - White Medical Aesthetics

Technical Documents - eThor technologies, town of bancroft

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Magazine Articles - Country roads magazine

Videos - various clients