Blogging about butter tarts

We do a lot of guest blogging.

Why? Well firstly because blogging is an awesome marketing tool, and in the day of content marketing the demand for good bloggers is high. 

We're very good bloggers. Partly because we're big picture thinkers. If you ask us about blogging we're going to start off by talking about people's very short attention spans, SEO, and google rankings. But then we'll move on to pushing content to social media pages. And eventually we'll end up in a diatribe about using social media to drive traffic back to your site, tracking your popular content, and planning post schedules with timely emphasis on content that will engage your audience.

Hold on now. This is about butter tarts.

Delicious butter tarts.

Yes. You can get these ooey gooey delectable made-from-scratch tarts at The Hidden Goldmine Bakery in Madoc. Go. Buy a dozen and share with your friends. It'll boost your serotonin and your popularity.

And while you're enjoying your delicious butter tarts you can read the recent blog post we wrote about them for Bay of Quinte Tourism. 

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