Graphic design you can sink your teeth into

The Craftsman Restaurant is a cottage country landmark. For 28 years they've been making 'real food for real people,' and are widely known as 'Paudash's Original Country Diner.' Their burgers are famous, the smoked salmon eggs Benedict are crazy good, and if you ever need a bowl of hot home-made soup that tastes like pure love, you know where to go.

Yeah, everyone knows the Craftsman is awesome. In fact, they were featured in Air Canada's official magazine a few months ago. Not bad for a little independant restaurant 2.5 hours from the closest airport.

But the owners are often so busy doing their thing (you know, making incredible food and giving top-notch service) that they don't always have time to take advantage of some great promotion opportunities, especially when they pop up during the busy summer season. Case in point, for over two decades the Craftsman has been a sponsor of summer theatre in Bancroft, which entitles them to a big display area in the busy theatre lobby. But even though there was a space for their display, they never had time to make one.

That's where we came in. Capitalizing on their Air Canada recognition and five-star Trip Advisor reviews, we  used original photography and our graphic design know-how to create a large lobby display that is easily transportable, and can be used for multiple venues. 

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